Your Choices On Paper

It’s easy to tell someone that they need to change for their good, but everyone is different and no one is the same.

So how do we go about doing these changes, that each person needs? 

Let’s try this, take four pieces of paper and on one write all the changes you want to make. Be honest with yourself and be specific about each change.

On the second piece of paper write the word “In Control” and the next paper write ” Some control” and on the last paper write “out of my control”.

With the first paper take your time, there is no rush.

when you are done writing your thoughts take the next three papers and put them in front of you, and read your list of what you want to change.

let us say you want to lose some weight you would write it down on “In control” 

do you cook your food? that would go on “some control”.

can you control others who cook for you? “Out of my control”. Those are just examples of how to use the papers.

when it comes to having to make decisions about things going on in your life it’s always good to try this method.

many times we see things that we think we can control so we jump in with both feet only to end up regretting our decision, because we didn’t sit down and take the time to see if it was in our best interest or not.

Our life is full of many choices we have to make, sometimes we have time to think them out, and sometimes we don’t.

but we always have to remember that the most important choices that we make need to be thought out thoroughly not in a rush.

making life changes especially when it comes to your health is very important.

if you listen to your body it has always told you if there is something wrong, we just have to listen. it can even tell you when you are in danger.

But we are so busy with life and work and family we don’t see the signs till you end up in the hospital.

Sometimes you may catch it on time and be able to reverse the damage, but even then hospitals and doctors just give you a prescription to mask the symptoms.

People are all for the easy way out, taking a pill to feel better, but in reality, they are just covering up the signal the body is trying to give them that there is something wrong.

healing your body the natural way is much better for you, it may take more time to heal, but it also took time to get to the point you are at now.

you are just letting the body heal at its own pace, you will heal and stay healthy. We just need the time and the right foods to help our bodies along.

we need to make the right choices to keep our stress levels down, keep our bodies healthy naturally.

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