Your Voice Connects Your Heart

Have you ever stopped to think about your voice box and the effect that it has on your body? Seriously! Your voice connects to your brain then to your heart. we say many things each day about ourselves and don’t stop to think of the consequences of these words. The effect they have on us and sometimes knowing what we are saying, we do it anyway. It is bad enough that we think that way but to say it out loud is worse.

Because the voice box is the gateway that connects to your brain, which is connected to the heart.. so to just think something negative is just a limited thought but to speak it out loud infects your heart, body, and soul.

Now this very thought that you have spoken infects your body. Even the bible says the tongue is like a two-edged sword. What we say does make a difference about ourselves.

It’s bad enough that people say bad things about others every day. That only shows that they are unhappy about themselves. They feel the need to put others down to lift themselves.

To feel good about yourself you need to speak positive words, have positive thoughts of yourself.

Believe me, it sounds easy to do but it is not, we are so used to speaking and thinking and hearing negative thoughts about ourselves and others.

You have to reprogram your thinking, watch what you think, and say and hear. You have to stop yourself from being negative. In a world that is like that every day.

We are so used to hearing negative things said to us that we think that it is normal. We don’t even recognize a compliment when we get one. WOW, that speaks volumes.

So where do we start? With yourself, we need to start to talk positively.

For instance, instead of saying, “If I eat this cake I well get fat” change the way you say this to “If I eat a thin slice it well taste delicious.” You are now letting yourself know it is okay to eat cake and you are not going to gain weight.

when you find yourself starting to say something negative, change it to a positive. Compliment someone, you will be surprised how they may react, it could be what they needed to hear that they looked nice. Many women rarely give other woman complements. It’s always nice to receive them too.

What I am trying to say is this, when you start to be the one who tears yourself down, no one in this world can do greater damage than you doing this to yourself. For what you believe in your heart to be true only you can undo it …

when you look in the mirror and see your reflection looking back at you say I love you and mean it.   having self-love is very powerful. When you have this no one can tear you down, or make you feel that you are beneath them, you know your value. For it is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


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