Coffee Drinkers

How many like to have a drink of coffee early in the morning before starting your day?

I know I do, it helps me start my day.

but did you know drinking coffee can dehydrate your body from nutrients your body needs?

I have always believed that coffee gives you a boost in the morning to get the body moving, but it robs you of the water your body needs to help you lose weight.

So stop undermining your weight loss goals by drinking coffee.

The little bit of “energy” you might get is not worth it.

coffee or caffeine, it is a myth that it will enhance your weight loss, is not true because it is a stimulant, a healthy way to lose weight is to keep away from stimulants like coffee.

Because stimulants produce false weight loss, just like caffeine does because it dehydrates the body of water, not fat.

People who want to lose weight should keep clear of caffeine drinks.

Because it well dehydrates you, making you think you lost weight.

But in reality, you have only lost the water your body desperately needs to lose the weight, but fat is still there.

To promote weight loss we need proper hydration.

To maintain our metabolism, by drinking water we do just that and enjoy watching your weight disappear.

Did you know that stimulants from coffee and other caffeine drinks stimulate hormones that increase our appetite .

aids in the build-up of the fat on our belly?

One of the nutrients it cuts out is calcium.

which helps in the fat-burning process.

As we get older it is harder to replace the calcium.

coffee and other caffeine drinks do not help us, It robs us of this.

Coffee robs the sleep need for our body to be able to function properly.

Drinking to much coffee will make you nervous.

Also to much coffee can upset your stomach from the acids it contains.

But if you still feel; that you need your cup of coffee in the morning then it should be followed by plenty of water.

to be able to flush it out of the system faster.

But in the long run, it is your choice.

I can understand if you can’t leave out your coffee every morning.

When it is the first thing you reach out for.

I still have my coffee, but I have made my coffee cup smaller.

Remember do not deny your body what it wants just give it the taste it desires.

But I do recommend that you keep away from flavored coffees, like chocolate, Caramels, and butter.

these are all chemically soaked for weeks.

I used to work where they roasted coffee, learned a lot about coffee.

But I got to taste many brands and let’s just say Folgers is no longer my choice of coffee.

I know I started with don’t drink it.

But I also believe that you don’t deny your body of what it desires, just don’t overindulge in what you crave.

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