Take It Slow

The weight industry is the most saturated in the world.

People try so many different weight loss programs and fail.

Not because they didn’t work.

But because of the lack of determination, the person did not stick to the program.

Yet the industry is not going to say it is your fault.

They will just show you another program for more money and tell you this one will make you look amazing, It will work just wait and see.

They take your money, they take advantage of the fact that you are vulnerable and want to or have to lose weight.

They don’t tell you to your face that the last program you tried was the best if you would follow instructions like you are supposed to, it would work without fail.

But you want to give me your money, I will not turn you away.

You can look on the internet and try to find a program that is just right for you.

But that would be hard because everyone is trying to get your attention to their article and may miss lead you.

So you can buy their product instead.

Then there is the book store, where you can look at the book, see what the author has to say.

Might even meet someone who has read and tried the book.

That can give you their honest opinion on the book.

They may know if the book is worth buying or save your money. Plus they have no financial gain by recommending or not recommending that book.

Many people start like a horse on a race track when they want to lose weight.

They want to see inches and pounds fall off like melted butter on pancakes.

So they go and weigh themselves in anticipation to see how much they lost in a day or two.

You have to remember it took time to gain weight, It did not happen overnight.

You did not just wake up like that.

the best way to describe it is like this.

your body is skinny, then as some time goes by you get love handles, from there is when you become like a balloon when your tummy becomes round and you just start to fill up.

Not with air.

That is why I say, just like it took time to gain the weight it will take time to lose it also.

This is good because if you lose it fast you will end up with loose skin. doing it gradually helps to tighten up as you go.

So to make this program or weight loss book work don’t rush in.

But take your time and start making the changes you need each day or every other day.

slowly pick up momentum in this way you will not get discouraged.

The main focus here is to stay on track and keep yourself on the program you have picked.

Lose the weight and look great without quitting way before you have even started.

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